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Company's Aims and Objectives:

Promoting optimal health

Health is our number one wealth. Without health, you can't enjoy what your other wealth can buy you. Most people work hard for forty years to build up their financial wealth and suffer the rest of the life repairing the damage they have done to their bodies. Life should not be like that. Please visit our web site at myUSANA.com.au by clicking on the "optimal health" tag within the menu area of this page to find out more about "True Health and True Wealth".

Promoting Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is the best form of exercise for maintaining optimal health as the body ages. It is also fun and also providing opportunities to socializing. Please visit our web site at ozDancing.com, by click on the "dancing" tag within the menu area of this page, to find out more.

Promoting the use of multimedia technology

I have been teaching and researching for over a decade in this field trying to promote the use of business multimedia and e-training within industries. If you require advice for one of your projects, please send me an email.

Promoting the use of formal Project Management techniques

Many people have remarked that project management is common sense. To a certain extent, they are correct, but such common sense is not that common. If you need some advice on project management for your project, please email me.

Company's vision

Share the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz (Founder of USANA Health Science);

We hope that all our clients and team members can discover true health and true wealth, working in a stress free environment and enjoy their life to the fullness.


ID Event
4 Anh's Wedding
3 Dr, Ray Strand Seminar in Australia.
2 2007 Road Show in Malaysia
1 Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championship 24 November 2007 at Bayview Resort Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

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