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While I was with Monash University, in addition to teaching, I was actively involved in research and development, as well as the establishment of collaborative relationships with Industry. Before joining Monash University, I spent 14 years working as a specialist in the high voltage engineering industry. I have an excellent track record for completing projects on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. I have been responsible for establishing two off-shore operations for UK based International companies and for opening up new foreign markets for their services. Since I joined Monash University, I have successfully completed many research projects involving emerging computing technologies, as well as enjoyed considerable success in securing industrial funding to finance the aforementioned projects.

My multi-disciplinary formal education (engineering, accounting, management and computing) combined with my experience in setting-up companies, business development, managing projects in unfamiliar environments, teaching, application development and research, provides an excellent foundation for instructing individuals in project management and multimedia application development.

Project management can often fall victim to a myriad of untruths and misguided concepts. My approach to project management instruction is based on actual experience (via engineering projects, business application developments, multimedia projects, and research projects) and is supported by PMBOK and my own research activities. The response to my courses (including students who were practicing project managers) has been excellent. I have succeeded in combining project management theories, methodologies, industrial practices, future directions and software skills in such a way that students find the materials immediately applicable to their given situations.

My research areas covered Project Management and Business Multimedia and most of my work was targeted at solving real business problems. Research topics include heuristic resource constrained scheduling; project compression; project evaluation using AHP; team building; automatic network diagram layout; life-long just-in-time flexible learning and training; portable computing devices; smart card technology and finger-print security; mobile agents; virtual project offices; automatic essay scoring; cultural issues in e-business; v-business: game-based e-training and Artificial Intelligence based e-learning.


For the many years, at the requests from industry, the Australian Computer Society, and various other leading institutions, I had presented a number of talks on Project Management and the use of multimedia to business people, computer professionals, project managers and academics. Feedback from all engagements had been extremely positive.

I was the founder of the Microsoft Project User Group in Australia . This initiative was the result of a project management research seminar I presented in the Microsoft Campus in Seattle in 1995. My friend Mr. Bruce Taylor, a world renowned Project Management professional and consultant to the MS Project development team invited me to give the talk at the Microsoft Campus.

Raymond's talk at Microsoft Campus in 1995s. To the right are two professional engineers behind the MS project development