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In 1979, I was sent by the UK-based, Yorkshire Switchgear & Eng Co. Ltd, to establish its Singaporean operations. During my six years in Singapore , I succeeded in securing a firm market position for the company on the island in the face of severe Japanese competition. Projects providing high voltage electricity supplies to over ten world class hotels, a number of multi-million dollars commercial complexes, numerous housing complexes and estates, were completed within budget, on time and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

I have also had extensive project management experience in Malaysia. During 1980-83, the equipment for the high voltage (HV) substations at eleven main towns (feeding off the second reinforcing transmission line from Butterworth to Kota Tiggi) was designed, installed, tested and commissioned under my direct supervision.

Following my success in Singapore, I was sent by Yorkshire Switchgear in 1984 to establish an assembly plant in Melbourne, Australia. The plant was established within eight months and I was able to successfully penetrate an Australian market dominated by German competition. Projects included high voltage systems to the Monash Medical Centre, the Telecom complex in Melbourne , and Burswood Island Casino in Perth .

Following changes to the management structure of Yorkshire in 1985, I decided to leave the company and take the opportunity to further my knowledge in project management and business computing. In 1989 I completed my Doctorate thesis titled “Resource Constrained Project Management” and managed to branch my career from an HV switchgear specialist to an applied computing professional.

Since joining Monash University, I have established many new courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My “Project Management” subject which I developed for the Moansh MBA program had industry managers enrolled as single unit non-award students. I received excellent feedbacks from students on all courses.

Business Systems is the fastest growing school at Monash University. I was heavily involved in many of the decisions that have led to the prestigious position the School holds today.

My Melbourne industrial collaboration clients include Bristol Myers Squibb, Coles Myer, the Southern Health Network and the Victoria Police.


In 2001, I joined the newly formed School of Multimedia of Monash University. I was heavily involved in strengthening research in the school. I was also involved in teaching in Art and Design Faculty at Monash and again I have had many successes in working with the industry in an attempt to promote the use of business multimedia.

To the right is the picture of my students receiving an award from the Boating Industry of Australia in July 2003.