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• Victoria Police Collaborative research funding 1998 and 1999 Project title “Computer mediated competency testing for Detective training for the Victoria Police” (A$50,000.00)

•  Coles Myer funding 2000 Poject Title “On-line delivery of flexible training courses for Coles Myer" ($18,000.00)

• Bristol Myers Squibb Collaborative research funding 1999 Project title “An multimedia based induction system for new employees” (A$25,000.00)

• Southern Health Collaborative research funding 2000 Project title “A CD-ROM based Life long Just-in-time multimedia based flexibility learning system for Nursing staff” (A$26,664.38)

• Victoria Police Collaborative research funding 2001 Project title: “The development of a framework to guide the development of multimedia scenario-based training application for the Police Academy ” (A$27,500.00)



• 1998 A Database-driven WEB site for the School of Business Systems, Monash University .

• 1999 “Induction Program for Bristol Myer Squibb” A CD-ROM for Bristol Myer Squibb Australia Pty. Ltd.

• 2000 “Conquering Cocktail” A CD-ROM containing tips, traps and treats on how to behave in formal cocktail party for business executive.

• 2001 “Drug Harm Minimization Strategy: Investigator Testing Scenario One” A CD-ROM for the Victoria Police, Launched by the Chief Police Commissioner on 15/10/2001 .

• 2001 “Tracheotomy” a CD-ROM based multimedia just-in-time life-long learning package on Tracheotomy Management for Southern Health Care Network

• 2003 “ Police Academy : handling of suspects”, A CD-ROM offer scenario-based training to Victoria Police New Recruits


15 Oct 2001 - Australia's First Interactive Multimedia Program on Detective Crimes Investigation Procedures